Sphericam 360° video camera is autostitching 4K with 6 lenses

Sphericam_Jeffrey_Martin_Webvideoblog_IntoVRAt the moment most professional or semiprofessional 360 video producer use solutions with 6 or 7 gopro cameras like the freedom360 or 360heros mounts for filming. They are offering good quality in high resolution. But stitching with software like Autopano Video or Videostitch is a lot of work. Sphericam will provide a camera that is shooting 360 video with 6 lenses and autostitching to a 4K full spherical video file. Jeffrey Martin, founder and CEO of Sphericam, brought a Sphericam 2 to World VR Forum in Crans Montana/Switzerland. In the Video he is talking about what to expect. And why it can be a great option for 360 drone video.

Prefer watching on YouTube? –> https://youtu.be/r3bHKqVx_mc

Video by Martin Heller, IntoVR – we bring you into Virtual Reality

VR: VRIDEO Founder Alex Rosenfeld und Kuangwei Hwang im Interview (engl.)

(deutsch – s.u.) One Platform – all VR Goggles. VRIDEO founders Alex Rosenfeld (CEO) and Kuangwei Hwang (CTO) explain in the video interview by „VR evangelist“ Martin Heller how their startup platform VRIDEO could compete with Youtube and Facebook in the race for best and most virtual reality content. They hope to have similar success like two well-kown startup stars in photo and video business. Alex Rosenfeld and Kuangwei Hwang also say why video and film makers now should go into VR and 360° Videos and start experimenting.

360°/VR journalist Martin Heller (Webvideoblog and IntoVR founder) has a channel at vrideo.com/intoVR and his „Welt“-team you can find at vrideo.com/welt.

Martin Heller, Head of Video Innovations WELTN24, Co-Founder IntoVR

Eine Plattform, alle VR-Brillen. VRIDEO-Gründer Alex Rosenfeld (CEO) und Kuangwei Hwang (CTO) erklären im Video-Interview mit Martin Heller, wie die Plattform des Startups Vrideo gegenüber Facebook und Youtube eine Chance im Rennen um Virtual-Reality-Content haben könnte. Sie verweisen auf Erfolgsgeschichten bekannter Plattformen im Bereich Foto und Video.